How much images added per year to Shutterstock?

Published: February 17, 2017

In February 2016 we started to collect information about authors of Shutterstock, who had amount of portfolio more 1000 images. We found about 100,500 authors at all, but only 12,141 authors had more 1000 images.

And now we see how much images added per one year from February 13, 2016 to February 17, 2017:

Shutterstock Authors of images, how much images added per year

10,434 authors added per year 25,851,867 images. 1,707 authors had removed 649,824 images. 1,416 authors did not added anything. First 100 authors added per year 8,741,230 images. added more 550,000 images per year. Aha-Soft, Toluk, quka added more 300,000 images per year. Africa Studio added more 200,000 images per year. argus, Elesey, Serg-DAV, Jacek Dudzinski, antishock, iDesign, gst, Rvector, 3vectorbest, garagestock, s_maria, Anton_Ivanov, popular.vector, vectorbest, lineartestpilot, VectorA, Blan-k, fractal-an, Jemastock, Gocili, okart, Studio_G, PPVector, johavel added more 100,000 images per year.

In the end of table sorted as "Portfolio" we see 57 authors with 0 images now, but a few thousand images one year ago. For example, EvilHIRURG, with 194,715 images one year ago and 0 images now. Andresr had more 41,000 images and 0 now, vectornice had more 31,000 images and 0 now, Naghiyev had more 20,000 images and 0 now, ImageryMajestic had more 11,000 images and 0 now. We don't know, they removed their own pictures or The Company had made it.

In the end of table sorted as "Added per year" we see another authors with more 0 images now, but big minus in added images. Perhaps, they removes and re-uploads their pictures. This is rumors or no? We don't know, because we do not monitor images. For The Company is just to do it. We just observe from far side.

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